Living in the 80s on a Council Estate Part 1. Part 14.



In the area where I lived in Scotland, it was a pretty poor area, run down and full of dodgy people, although the ones I knew were quite cool and did not bother me or my family or friends, however, there was a family who lived close by, who had a reputation for violence people were kind of scared of them, however, my mum and dad were not and I remember the fights between the family and ours.

We moved from the older part of the Council estate to a house with internal stairs leading to 3 bedrooms, it was quite impressive then it was lovingly called “the ramps” A group of housing with outside walkways integrated to the buildings leading down to the local shops.

At the time we were delighted to be getting a move, as the area we lived in was deteriorating fast, the once-thriving Council estate was looking more neglected and empty as the years went on, the once lovely park was shabby and strewn with weeds, windows boarded up and desolate. Back “greens” as we called them wild and weed dominant. It wasn’t really immaculate when we lived there. People just gave up, there was no pride in the place they lived, it’s a true saying that “it is the people who make ghettos” not the buildings.

There were no gardens in the place we moved to, it was just bricks and mortar.
We lived happily in our new home, well most of the time, unless mum and dad decided to have one of their “fights” then the peace diminished.
As usual, alcohol played a major part.


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