Living with Mental Health part 5.


So, I am back again, time indeed does fly when you’re having fun, you have no idea how better I feel writing this down and sharing with you, it’s like I am talking to someone, Mental Health issues can make you a recluse you have no pleasure in meeting people, you are secluded from everything, that is why I started this forum, to involve fellow sufferers and make them feel they are involved too.

Now back to me, it’s all about me LOL, well this story is, but how many of you sitting on your laptop PC or phone, actually suffer? Actually get pissed off sitting surrounded by four walls, wishing you could be “normal” well you are “normal” and never let anyone say different to you.
The Governments of this World are cutting back on Mental Health, even though the figures indicate it’s not a problem but an epidemic, how many times have you felt alone because the Services for Mental Health are so stretched you wait forever to see someone, and when you finally do, you put on a waiting list for what seems forever? By the time you’ve seen, your at wit’s end but more about that later.
After I left primary school in 1972, I was actually petrified of starting High School, gone was the safety net of better teachers, better pupils, good friends, gone was the safeness you felt being just around the corner from home, it was a new scenario and fitting in was going to be difficult.

Secondary school was daunting, I remember when we first went into the school, we were all lined up like a military patrol, ready to be placed in our class categories, ie my school had names of Islands in Edinburgh, and when I say Islands I mean small islets with no humans living there, an example would be Inchcolm etc, these were the names adopted by the high school we stood in a line awaiting our name being called, once you were picked, you were put into these classes, and surprise surprise I never got placed with anyone I knew from primary.

I felt alone and scared of the new system, but I wasn’t alone, the whole school must have felt the same, apart from the cocky guys who didn’t care where they were put, as they knew they were going to dominate the class.

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