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Love Letters.

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I recall the letters you sent me
when I was just a lad
perfumed colour paper
Would often make me sad.
The love you put into your words
brought tears to my tired eyes
at the end of every letter
You left a wonderful surprise.
Fighting made it harder
never knowing if I would live
your words made me determined
The comfort you would give.
The war is bloody and merciless
friends dying in fearful ways
all I could smell was your perfume
and the words the music plays
For many weeks' nothing came
I felt sad and all alone
desperate for your words
Dreaming on my own.
When the mail finally arrived
my heart would pound hard
you are my one and only
My beautiful sweet bard.
The war had finally ended
very soon we would be as one
memories are still vivid
As we sit beneath the sun.
Your letters kept me alive
spiritually you were with me
even if all around was tragic
You always made me free.
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