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Making fun of a Powerful Man.


Hey Folks.

Today we welcomed the president of the USA and his wife for the Nato Summit held in the UK, the Royals were there to welcome them, however one of them did not want to welcome them to our Country and that was Princess Margaret, she declined? Why? I know a lot of people do not like Trump for various reasons, he has many haters in the World but to shun his welcome was quite childish and beyond belief. Imagine if any of our Dignitaries visited other Countries and they were snubbed, we would be rather angry and be all out giving them a hard time, so why treat the most powerful man in the World like this?

I am baffled that this has happened, but after this episode came another, he was made a fool of in this Country and that is really bad.

I even heard Johnston was having a wee laugh at Trumps expense? What kind of leaders do we have? Is there no respect in this Country that we allow our Leaders to be so childish?

As for the other Leaders of Countries such as Canada, you need to grow up and realise thatNato is very important to this World and has kept peace for many Years.

I think Today was cringeworthy and seeing the video of the Leaders having a pop at Trump was out of order and they should apologise.

In the meantime it was really nice to see Melania Trump visiting the kids and the Salvation Army, she is one of two First Ladies who have visited and participated with the kids and they loved it.

I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump but he has always said what he was going to do before he was elected and has carried out the Wishes of the American people, I only wish our Government would do the same.



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