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Man cannot live on bread alone!


Hey Folks.

The deeper we get into this virus, the worse it gets, but it is only getting worse because people are not listening, people still insist on travelling on the tube in groups, people still insist on meetings of more than a couple of people be it at work or outside, so tell me when are we going to listen? when it is too late? when this virus has wiped us out?

I am amongst the many millions of people who have to self isolate because of my Mental Health issues and sleep apnoea. It is not fun, but it is what we have to do and we just have to get on with it, but we need to be sensible, people are still bulk buying, I went out today and could not get a loaf of bread anywhere, for love nor money.

stay safe.

There are overstocked factories with food however it isn’t getting through to the Panic Buyers who are still stocking up for something that may not happen, perishable goods that will go to waste before they have a chance to use them, all that could have been used by many other people desperate for food. There are many posters going around especially on Facebook saying “only buy what you need” any more is greed, how true and wise is this? It must have been like this during the war, however, I bet the people shared everything and did not bulk buy because the Government would not have allowed it.

The World is in a bad state, however, we really must adopt common sense and look after each other, everything has been cancelled, sports etc even the Olympic games, non-necessary shops have closed and will remain so until we have the all-clear.

This has been a one-off but you really don’t know what’s around the corner or what can be next, so keep safe.

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