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Masking reality.

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So, after many months of isolation, many Months of uncertainty, Many Months of people having to Social distance the Government (UK) has decided that all citizens entering shops (and staff ) are required to wear a face mask? I think its a bit like after the horse has bolted so to speak.

Why does the Government think that wearing masks now? after all, this time will make a difference? people have been shopping for months during the COVID pandemic without masks (some people) so why is this going to make a difference? I am frankly puzzled, as I am with people protesting about not wearing one? while not maintaining Social distance?

At the moment its like being in the Twilight Zone, with so many weird things going on its hard to keep track, people saying their rights are being affected wearing a mask? whilst others insist it is the best action to take to keep safe, it goes to show there is and never will be any unison?

I still say and maintain, that if this was all done correctly at the very start we may have been over the worse of it by now, but alas, there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel, in saying that, news just came in that they may have found a strain which contains the virus, we shall see.

Until there is friends, please stay safe and make sure your family is safe too. x

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6 thoughts on “Masking reality.

  1. If only Covid was that disease that was so easy to figure out, we would all be healthy and our doctors, scientists and government people would all look like genii. As my post Unknown Unknowns, this disease was new and until their was a bit of history behind it, nobody knew what would and would not work. I, for one, believe masks will help, but only if 80% of the people wear them. Wearing a mask does not help me, but it does help others around me, if I should have the virus. That is all we are trying to do right now is lessen the possibility of transmission. Someone sent me a cartoon to illustrate why masks work. Two men in three different frames. In the first one, both men are naked, one man is peeing on the other man. Moisture is transferred. In the next, the passive man wears pants and still gets wet by the peeing man. In the third, the peeing man wears pants and he is the one who gets wet. In another study, a man talks, sings, coughs and sneezes on Petri dishes at arms length, once with a mask on and the next time with no mask. In every masked case, the petri dishes had no bacteria growth after 24 hours. The ones where no mask was worn had progressively increased amounts of culture growth from a few specks from talking to massive coverage from sneezing. Pretty convincing, once you know this disease spreads from droplets. I have given up trying to convince humanity to do the right thing. I wear my masks when required and get the stink eye from those without. I am responsible for my own safety. When I see someone coming towards me without a mask, I take evasive action. This is what we are going to have to do until a vaccine or treatment is available. Stay well, William. Allan

    1. Allan thanks a million for that mate, and I totally agree with you, and your theories, it looks like its look after number one at the moment and I agree with you, its whatever you feel safe with, thanks pal for the cool comment..

      1. Wished I could have sent the graphics of the peeing man example. It kind of makes the point, so to speak. Calgary brought in a mask bylaw yesterday, Edmonton is looking at one today, our provincial government does not want to mandate masks, but, at least we are better off than the U.S. Stay well, William. Allan

  2. My thoughts exactly, William. But we are where we are, at least with the restrictions being lifted, they may help. Time will tell and we shall see… or be told something different!

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