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Masterchef the Professionals UK. BBC2.


The stage is set, the ovens turned on, the fear and nerves kicking in, Greg Wallace salivating over a pud, (surprise surprise) Monica Galetti (scary as always) and Marcus Wareing who looks as though he needs a good scrub and a haircut, dawn our sets once more.

The professional Chefs, or, so they say, are tossed into a melting pot of tasks and cookery challenges that would even frighten the Michelin star chefs’ underground.

I have watched this Programme from day one, I cannot get enough of it, even when I am working I will record this wonderful show and watch it when I get home.

So do I like to cook? NO. But I love watching the excitement of the Chefs competing to be the supreme Champion of Professional Cooks and it does not do their reputation badly as they all seem to end up with their own restaurants or become overnight booksellers.

The only part of the show I cannot swallow is the fat critics who come into the Masterchef kitchen and criticize everyone who is trying to do their level best.

As far as I am concerned these people get money for nothing, food for nothing and play no part in making the Chefs any better unless they actually like what they eat? And that isn’t very often.

Imagine being paid to eat at top-notch restaurants criticize everyone, write a silly column in a newspaper, and then get paid? You’re having a laugh, right?

Despite this as far as I am concerned Masterchef is an institution and the guys who do well out of appearing on the show, deserve everything they get and more.

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