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Me Myself and ideals.

I look, I see the pain in my eyes 
Laughed I have but mostly cries
Beyond the window of smiling glass
Is a life of hurt a nightmare so harsh
Beyond a beauty only my love can see
Is painful memories staring at me
Through the glass you leap into my soul
Into a depth of sorrow a black hole
Out he jumps and pains my heart
My uncle you etched me with a dart
Never to touch but you did as you willed
My dignity you took, my innocence you killed
As I grew I learned how to heal
I learned to love, I learned to feel
So now I look through that window again
I got past the hurt ,got past the pain
I now see a woman of courage and strength
Was hard to get there, went to great lengths
But thank you my uncle for giving me will
A love I can now give a heart I can fill
For in that window I can now see a fire
I am burning to breath I now have desire
My soul is touched for I have found love
And I leave you my friend to the man above…

Debra Lloyd.
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