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Mental Health Awareness Month. May 2020


hey folks, hope you are all surviving this traumatic time.

This week is mental health awareness week, a time to reflect and keep a thought for people who suffer from Mental Health, a time to make people feel included when we face isolation, and a time to keep talking even when you cannot, hug someone. It is indeed a lonely illness, speaking from experience, it not only makes you feel lonely it encourages you to isolate, to want to stay on your own, being lonely is a factor of Mental Health sometimes we all just want to stay on our own and it takes a lot of hard work to make an effort to get yourself out there, face the World and keep talking. If you know someone who faces this dredge on a daily basis, pick up the phone, email them, or do face to face skype or facetime just to let them know your there, and they are not alone. If YOU are the one suffering, just remember there are always people out there in the same situation, ready to make friends, ready to welcome you into their World.

Stay safe folks.

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