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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

merry christmas

Dear friends.

It has been a weird Year and just when you think things are slowly getting better we are hit with another wave of Covid 19, even though injections are flowing out to the elderly and care workers, we are still battling with this awful virus which not only secludes people it also kills them.

Many people cannot share time with their estranged families, putting even more pressure on to the lonely and vulnerable, where I live we are on tier 4, which means you can only mix with up to 3 people at any one time from the same household so larger families will suffer.

I would like to wish ALL my readers and friends here in the blogging Family a safe and Happy Christmas and New Year, perhaps 2021 will be different ,who knows but what we all share in the World is the harmony and friendship we have grown to admire and together we have gelled and that will never change,. Escaping to read a Blog is the one thing we all have whilst Isolating, one thing Covid cannot change, so let us make sure this continues next Year and we flourish as writers and Bloggers.

thank you all for your support in 2020.


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14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

  1. I hope the New Year brings an end to the coronavirus. It is so unfortunate to see people congregate without wearing a mask as though they owned planet. One cannot have an opinion regarding Covid-19. The virus is there, and people are dying and losing limbs. It is also very sad to hear that some 12 million Americans are losing their unemployment benfits and will be evicted. They should get more help than they were told, but less is better then nothing. They are between two Presidents. Stay safe William and let the New Year spoil you a little.

    1. I totally agree with you sweet. I work in a shop and many people flaunt the rules but they are not spreading this awful disease to me, I agree that Governments should really do more afterall it isnt the ordinary citizens fault is it? stay safe sweet and thank you x

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