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Blog/Web Promotions. Michael_Malachi – The 6’6/Giant


Hello friends.

I joined WordPress only a few weeks ago, I was always on the Blogger platform, but eventually there was no support and you could not save the template, anyway, I attempted a few years ago to make a blog on WordPress, without success, but now I have my own domain and proudly I have condensed all my blogs into one.

When I joined WordPress, I had no idea, how everyone supports each other, not only by following you but by showing interest in your work, which in turn gives you great pride in what you do.

I have only known Michael for a short while and happened on to his blog, I was very pleasantly surprised at his work, so much, so I decided to promote him, and I hope you will support him and pop over for a read.

This is a sample of Michaels work, but he has much more to offer.

Shifting breeze and time

The green grass wants a cover

Autumn – the cool child.

Please visit Michael here.

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