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National Holocaust day 27th January 2020.


Hey friends, hope you are all good, Winter in England at the moment and as expected it is a bit chilly, but what is chillier than that if there is such a word is National Holocaust Memorial Day on the 27th January.

Unlike many other days, this is not a celebration, this isn’t a saints day, or a National or Worldwide Holiday, this is a timely reminder of the horror of the Holocaust and the near extinction of a people by evil men and women of the Nazi Party back then.

I for one will never ever understand how this was allowed to continue, there have been various theories surrounding this, thousands of questions asked as to why the Nazis were not stopped and to this day there is still a mass of controversy surrounding this, but that aside, it still does not take away the pictures, the film recorded of the death camps, the men, women and children murdered for being a race different from the Germans and if they had got away with it, who knows who else would have been wiped out but these Monsters.

Over a million Jews were murdered during the “Holocaust by bullets” in Nazi-occupied Ukraine. Overall during World War Two, between 8 and 10 million people, including military and civilians, perished on the territory of today’s Ukraine, as three occupations swept the country: Soviet, Nazi and Soviet once again. Some Ukrainians collaborated with the Nazis while others risked their lives to save Jewish families.

Lest we Forget.

The tragedy of the Holocaust remained silenced during post-war Soviet reign. Only with Ukraine having gained its independence and a willingness to re-write and re-appraise its past, has there been a growing interest towards the history of its, once vast, Jewish community with synagogues rebuilt and graveyards renewed. But critics argue that a new historic narrative by the state, focusing on Ukraine’s own struggle for liberation, whitewashes the acts of collaboration and does not assign the Holocaust the place it deserves in Ukraine’s history.

Please join in to mark this Tribute to the dead and the survivors of this Horror of the twentieth century.

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