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Near Death Experiences.


Happy New Decade friends, hope you all have a wonderful prosperous healthy and happy New Year, We all hope this is going to be our Year every Year we say the same lol, do the same things, promise the same things, even though our resolutions sometimes don’t last we all try.

I think we are getting stronger by the decade, our resolve against evil persists, our battle against tyranny will always be there, but we can fight it every step of the way.

This Year I have entered with a few Health issues but I hope that I will be able to get back to myself and life a Healthier life.

I have been watching a few videos lately on youtube, videos concerning near-death experiences, I have watched a few and tried very hard to disbelieve the interviewee they all seem to have a common understanding of life after death and it is fascinating.

It is really interesting to hear how each person has coped with the experience and was able to describe everything in detail after the experience.

I always believed something happened after death but never imagined how beautiful it can be if it is real, we will never know until we experience it for ourselves.

I will continue to study this and try to understand if it is real or a con, but it seems too many people have experienced this and it is somehow unlikely to be a fraud but you never know.

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