Whispers coming on the wind
moon beam shining on leaves that spin
Crickets chirping to this magical night
AS I feel the magic begin excite.

Slowly I feel the changing begin
Knowing soon I will fly again
As I turn into a hawk
I know I’ll have no need to walk.

Up up into the starlit night
Seeing faultlessly many a sight
The freedom and feeling so very light
I know I’ll stay flying all night.

I see the wolf pack hunting
I see a beautiful doe running
Firebugs blinking soft yellow
As bats find them and swallow.

Night noise I hear so well
Owls hoot and the news they tell
Sprits walking and flying about
Searching for the light, they shout.

Soon the six O’clock bell begin to peal
Lightening skies show the nights seal
Is over until the sun goes down
Slowing I fly down without a sound.

Coming back to my natural shape
Knowing that this is my fate
Days go slow as I wish for night
Until I can again take flight.

By Jeanette M. Moser June 15, 2007

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