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North Korea Blues.


Hi folks, hope you are well, I have been moving home so couldn’t get to my blogs of late, but I am back.
I want to talk about a harrowing video I watched on Facebook, which not only turned my stomach but brought a tear to my eye.

The video was of a young girl, who had escaped from North Korea through the Gobi desert with her friends. To safety and freedom.
Can you imagine the will power and determination you would need to take on such a journey? The danger is beyond human expectation, but you will do anything to escape tyranny.

The young girl spoke out on a platform, informing the World what it is like to live in North Korea.
When she systematically went through the horrors of a regime hell-bent on tyranny it was sad, we take for granted in our democracies everything we have, and yet we still complain, we complain about silly, immaterial issues, and we don’t know how damn lucky we are.

She told us about life in North Korea, she told us of people being murdered for no reason, she told us about people being murdered for reading magazines??

There is only one TV channel there, it spews regime shit all the time, there are no, programmes, soaps, adverts it’s all about the regime.

It must be hellish, living in a country with a dictator hell-bent on ending humanity, a Dictator who Governs in fear, because all the people are terrified to do the everyday things we take for granted.

At the end of the interview, the young girl broke down, and pleaded for help for her people, even though she was safe, and will now be able to live her life in peace.

The next time you gripe about the weather or moan about your day is bad, sit back, relax, and think about this sorrowful life the North Korean people are subjected to on a daily basis.

Take care.


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