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Hey folks, hope you are all good. Nowadays not a lot of things make me angry, except maybe running out of milk at night and not having a cuppa the following day, waking up to rainy days with a dog gasping to roll around in the mud lol, but apart from that nothing really gets to me, but one thing that does is ANIMAL CRUELTY in all aspects. For that I will give my opinion.

I am a stickler for deliberately ignoring animal abuse posts on Facebook, I warn people if they insist on posting these obscene posts I will have no choice but to unfriend them or unfollow them if that’s the case.

I was just scrolling the other night on Social Media and a horrific video caught my eye, it consisted of 3 let’s say “Foreign” men, who deliberately grabbed a dog from its owner in the middle of the street and battered the poor thing to death with sticks, bearing in mind what I said above, this made me see red and immediately out of human reaction I answered the tweet with a few swear words.

I am no prude and could care less when people swear on Social Media, sometimes they just need to vent, and if you don’t like it you can always unfollow them or scroll down.

I was so angry I saw red and my actions got me a ban from The Social Media account for 24 hours? they said my tweet was inappropriate and they deemed it a policy to ban me and give me a big lecture on posting with the threat if it continues I will lose my account?

The poster, however, was not told how disgusting and infuriating the post was and that normal reactions from humans would be appalled.

The number of posts I have seen on the platform that has been so disgusting and immoral is countless and yet this is the reaction they had to me albeit I was using foul language? but hey who doesn’t on Social media?.

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