On the work trail. Part 10.

Hi folks, hope you are all well, this is the next instalment in living with Mental Health, hopefully, you will be able to relate and come join me.

I left it last time explaining about the system back in the seventies, a period when work was easier to get than today, a period where you could (if you wanted to) leave one job and get another on Monday, don’t know if this was good practice but you had more freedom back then and choice, even if you had no qualifications.
Before I go on to explain my work experience I will go back a few years to when I was younger, before I left school.

As I said I wasn’t a very nice person to the point of cruelty towards my friends and family, I blame it on the way we were brought up, and not having known anything else, it was easier to continue the rage and cruelty.
I am a strict believer that you are what you are, your life is mapped out it can either go one way or the other, and my life was heading for the other. I was always angry, angry to the point I would fight with people all the time, it did not matter to me the size or the age I would fight them, I was not happy unless I was fighting, looking back now I cringe at the way I behaved, and it is only now Writing I realize just how bad it was, could I have been suffering Mental Health issues even as young as 12,13, possibly, although I did not recognize it, and like everyone else back then, you shrugged it off and moved forward, naturally medical advances nowadays dictates you do not have to suffer, but back in the ’60s 70’s it was hardly heard of.

The only relation to mental health was you were either sane or insane, and if you were insane you were locked up. Especially if you were dangerous, I am not saying I was at that level, but I could have seriously hurt someone back then, and maybe be one that was locked up and insane.
I never seemed to get to the point were remorse set in, it was always the case that, you did what you did impulsively, never thought of the implications, and certainly never cared about the person you hurt.
My friends were cool, but I had to be in charge, I dominated them to a point then, they were too scared to stand up for themselves, I did not care who I hurt, adults, parents, everyone would come under fire, as long as I got my say.
Nowadays if a child is cheeky to an adult they will tell you off, and usually, that’s enough, but not for me back then.


more soon folks.

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