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Our NHS in the UK.


Hi friends, just wanted to blow a trumpet for ALL the workers in our wonderful NHS in the UK.

I went for an operation today, (nose procedure) pollups and sinuses, and as you can imagine its turmoil with this COVID 19 at the forefront, but life goes on and other issues have to be addressed.

The system remains, wearing face masks, keeping distance etc and this is more important in a Hospital setting, Imagine wearing a face mask for 12 hours a day? when we can hardly bear wearing one for half an hour or so going shopping. I really take my hat off to the Professionals in a Hospital setting.

I arrived at the short stay surgical surgery unit at 7.15 in the morning. I was greeted by a charming Nurse who despite the issues was very cheery so immediately I felt comfortable. We waited in the day room for no longer than ten minutes then were taken to our ward (there was around 20 patients getting procedures and the nurse informed me they did 50 a day ,I was gobsmacked.

I was made comfortable, had all the usual tests taken and was told my procedure was first on the list which made me a wee bit nervous lol , anyway I had visits from various professionals as well as the Head Doctor who assured me and made me feel less nervous.

By 9.30 I was taken to theatre, had my procedure and woke up in the recovery room, surrounded by experienced, cheery people.

I was let home after 2.30pm with all the usual instructions.

I was really impressed by everyone who worked on my procedure who are working long hours, getting shit pay, and still keep a smiley personal, so from me.


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4 thoughts on “Our NHS in the UK.”

  1. I enjoyed your article. I wondered how the hospitals were managing. They don’t get near enough appreciation imo so I was glad to read about your experience. Get well soon, Billy!

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