The great outdoors.

coloured flowers growing wild loving the weather Especially mild. Mums with buggies in the park babies with bottles up with the lark Dogs of all sizes chasing a ball some are tiny Others are tall. Green keeper busy doing his roundsfish-ponds cloudy Out of bounds. Blissful place park benches full a maintenance man Using his […]


To Die, and Live again.

Delicate flowers swaying freely amid a windy backdrop Slight protection.  Behind a broken wall being saved by stone sunshine opening buds swollen by the heat desperate to bloom petals still strong Newly formed. Morning dew evident now splattered on the wall flowers now grouped feeling stronger in numbers wind dying down aroma in the air […]



Voyage into madness explore your minds contempt seek out sole destroyers tarnished and hell bent. Wander out aimlessly dreaming in a state wishing all your life away and letting them create Multiplicity dimensions of varying degrees trying hard to see the sunthrough thickened deadly trees.Night fall coming slowlyescaping from it allknowing pretty soonwe will be […]



Looking through “blinkered” eyes you don’t see much around. nothing much satisfies you nothing new is found. All you see is blackness a vision ready made forced to see the ugly things never seems to fade. No one can set you freeand wouldn’t anyway.they are all too busy in their Worldselfishly having their way.like a nightmare […]


A World of Survival.

The wind whistles through the trees like an orchestra tuning instruments the sound gets louder by the minute Almost to a deafening sound. Bird nests surviving the wind nestled tightly on branches the only protection being the parent For the vulnerable chicks. As the wind fades the sounds dulleverything is at peaceas dawn breaksThe morning […]

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