Past your “sell by date”

  • You think you are past your “sell-by date”
  • When aches and pains appear
  • It takes a wee while longer
  • To drink your pint of beer.
  • You cannot hold your water
  • Always bursting at the seams
  • You go to bed early
  • And hope for decent dreams.
  • You wake up during the night
  • To have yet another pee
  • You do not have the bloody brains
  • To turn on a light to see.
  • When you fumble back into bed
  • The dogs took your bloody place
  • So you end up on the cold part
  • While he snores out of his face!
  • When morning comes
  • After another of those restless nights
  • You head for the bathroom
  • As the cold winter bites.
  • The aches and pains still there
  • Your knees have a good old “crack”
  • As you try to come to some order
  • And try to straighten the back.
  • All you can do is be pleased
  • You have awoken to another day.
  • So folks keep on smiling
  • It is the only way.
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