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Petrol nightmare in the UK.

Who would have believed that there would be a shortage of fuel in the UK,? is it because of a Worldwide shortage? is it because of problems in the Middle east? No, it’s because of a shortage of experienced HGV drivers throughout Europe. The media intensified the problem and now we have the Whole County running to the fuel pumps as if fuel will never be gotten again?

Queues of hundreds of people clambering to Petrol stations to get fuel for either work purposes, take kids to school, or just generally wanting to fill up their car.

The result is, No fuel for the nurses, carers and every other human being who looks after the sick.

The General public and some who don’t even need fuel for their cars are running amok, just like they did when the Covid 19 pandemic started, they rushed to Supermarkets to buy everything in sight including stocking up on toilet rolls and any foodstuffs they could get their hands on?

So now the Government have made a U-turn, to bring European drivers to the UK to work but only until Christmas?

I really wonder how these people get the jobs they are in. The way foreign workers have been treated in the past and they want them to return to help us out? it is like something out of a cartoon.

what we need to do and I am no Government Official is train young people in these jobs and don’t make it so damn hard to complete the HGV process and then we will have enough workers, after all, who wants to sit in a truck, with no facilities, no company, no toilets, no food? I can’t see any Politician volunteering for that, can you?

To all those dimwits who have stockpiled fuel and even taken containers to fill, you do not realise you could be killing someone because carers cannot get fuel to care for the sick, just because you want all the fuel you can get, shame on you, what a selfish society we live in and it will not get better.

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