Political dismay.

  • He did this
  • She did that
  • He is a liar
  • She is a twat.
  • He stole her thunder
  • She couldn’t care less
  • Its his fault we are in this
  • She caused the mess.
  • Don’t vote for them
  • But please vote for us
  • We don’t have any transport
  • But They have a bus!.
  • He goes to your door
  • She goes on the tv
  • Is anyone bothered
  • Or is it just me?
  • He said on Twitter
  • She told a lie
  • All this pa- lava
  • Is by the by
  • He wants to win
  • She is in the door
  • What is the point of all this
  • Do we know what we are voting for?
  • He wants Brexit
  • She wants to remain
  • He started a war
  • She stood in the rain.
  • One wants independence
  • The other could care less
  • All this political trauma
  • Causing all this stress.
  • At the end of the day
  • Who will truly win?
  • Certainly not the working class
  • Who end up in the bin.
  • So when it comes to polling day
  • When you make that inked cross
  • Who really gives a damn
  • Who gives a toss?

Dont know about you folks but this Election is driving me nuts, you do not know who to believe, will be glad when its all over.



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