He did this
She did that
He is a liar
She is a twat.
He stole her thunder
She couldn’t care less
Its his fault we are in this
She caused the mess.
Don’t vote for them
But please vote for us
We don’t have any transport
But They have a bus!.
He goes to your door
She goes on the tv
Is anyone bothered
Or is it just me?
He said on Twitter
She told a lie
All this pa- lava
Is by the by
He wants to win
She is in the door
What is the point of all this
Do we know what we are voting for?
He wants Brexit
She wants to remain
He started a war
She stood in the rain.
One wants independence
The other could care less
All this political trauma
Causing all this stress.
At the end of the day
Who will truly win?
Certainly not the working class
Who end up in the bin.
So when it comes to polling day
When you make that inked cross
Who really gives a damn
Who gives a toss?
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William Sinclair Manson
Welcome friends. My name is William Sinclair Manson. I am 60 years young, I am Scottish but now living in a small village in England. I have been blogging for many Years but recently joined Wordpress and I love it. I have made many new dedicated friends here and hope to meet more around the World.

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