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Pop up nightmare.

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Dear friends.

I am alerting you to a possible threat on your computer, many may not know this, so I am posting this.
For the last 5 days, every time I have opened the browser I have been met with a “critical” pop up.
To the computer novice, this could be scary because it covers your screen and asks you to phone a number, or your pc will be shut down, the pop up is saying it’s from Microsoft, but it isn’t, it’s a scam.

The only way I could get rid of this was by installing a Malware program, I was shocked to find that I had a potential 351 threats? How the hell did all this malware get on my PC, when I am very careful what I download and browse.
It was obviously downloaded without my knowledge and this is the real danger, God knows what kind of info the scams have been accessing, I am very worried and the best thing I did was download and pay for a malware remover.

  • If the scam comes on your pc, through your browser, run a malware scan, this will detect the danger and remove it, I am using a software called. Malware bytes, it’s a free trial and you can purchase it after the trial.
  • Run the malware, and you will be shocked just how much illegal stuff is found by the program.
  • Keep it running in the background, to prevent further dangers.

I am not advertising for any company, but this could save your pc, my pc is running faster than ever thanks to this program..

REMEMBER. DO NOT call the number on your screen, do not click anything, it is near impossible to close, but if you cannot close it, go to task manager and close your browser, then download the malware software.

Good luck, any questions give me a shout.


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