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Remembering the old.


Hi people, hope you are all well, its absolutely hot here in the UK today, just been for my usual stroll along a path in the middle of the Countryside where the views are spectacular and the air is really fresh, very lucky indeed.

Its interesting as we strive to always put something up for our regular readers to view, then (well I do anyway) visit the regular blogs you have gotten to know over the weeks and months you discovered them.

I don’t like following a blog or website I am interested in then simply “forget it” I like to see how the writer progresses in whatever they write about, but the question today is, Do we ever read the older stuff on a Blog , personally I like to delve back in time on some blogs just to see how the writer adapted and it always interests me how far they have came building up an audience of readers, not just those who follow them and then you never see them again, but the dedicated readers who come by on a regular basis to have a read and occasionally say hello.

As all of our posts sit there in archive lol, it’s interesting to gather up stats on whether someone actually reads them, or is it a matter of just writing the latest post then deleting the older ones?

I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

And as the Sun beams down on sunny England I send you all good will..

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2 thoughts on “Remembering the old.”

  1. Intriguing point, William. My current blog is relatively new so seeing how I’ve advanced in the activity can’t really be determined yet. However, I’m an old adherent of the blogosphere. I’ve retired several blogs in the past. Now you have me wondering if I should resurrect them.

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