Sad delusional people.

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Has it come to the stage
when we do not care?
only worry about ourselves
how life is unfair?
Have we got to the stage
that our fellow man
can die with the virus
and avoid it if we can?
Has it got to the stage
whether your human or not
we dont care for you
for what you have got.
Have we reached the stage
because you have some power
your are bound to die
in your ivory Tower.
Have we got to the stage
of being down right rude
wishing you were dead
cant be that crude?
Have we got to the stage
that we only think of ourselves
barricade everyone in
stay on our shelves.
Has it got to the stage
were you cant trust your friend
who will turn you in
and then pretend.
Has it  reached the stage
were families cant survive?
be themselves
stay alive?
Have a look at yourself
and have some compassion
its nice to be nice
and dont you dare ration.

Our Prime Minister Boris Johnston is in intensive care.
I am utterly shocked and disgusted
at some of the comments wishing him dead,
thats incredible, he is a Human being
and deserves our respect. 
No matter who you are 
or what Position you have 
you DO NOT deserve these comments.
Shame on you all 
and lets hope none
of YOUR family members contract the virus.

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6 thoughts on “Sad delusional people.

  1. I think the world got there waaay before this virus.
    The virus just unleashed what humanity really is

  2. Hate the act, not the actor. Everyone seems to have forgotten this. We may not agree with someones beliefs or thoughts, but, we should never wish anyone dead for it. Make your case at the ballot box. Allan

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