Sarah Story.

Dear friends.

I have had an anonymous story from a lady in America, her name has been changed for privacy purposes, here is her story, thanks to Sarah for sending this in, I hope you encourage others to join us.

Here is a bit of incite on my story about my anxiety and depression. I am 28 years old and I have suffered from anxiety since I was 17. It would appear then disappear throughout the years, but nothing to the extent that it is now. A year and 4 months ago I started feeling very low, not wanting to go to work, calling in sick most mornings.. Having panic attacks almost every day, dreading to go outside and face people. I felt that I was losing all my confidence and decided to see my GP to talk about my symptoms. My doctor told me I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I was totally shocked about the depression part as I didn’t think anything like that would happen to me.

She signed me off for two weeks and was prescribed some antidepressants. As the days went by I got worse. I didn’t want to get out of bed in a morning, I couldn’t face family or friends, I wanted to be alone and I was feeling so edgy and anxious about anything and everything. When the two weeks were up I went back to my GP for a review explained how I was feeling etc and how I didn’t feel any better. She then gave me a blood test to later find out I had an underactive thyroid. This condition would not have helped my depression as it pulls your mood low and makes you feel lethargic. As the weeks went by I tried all kinds of medication and kept getting signed off sick at work. It is now a year and 5 months later and I have just finished my 12th therapy session, and have been referred to start art therapy asap. I have quit my job as I decided my health comes first. And once I know im 110% better I will start work again. I’ve come along way since I got diagnosed, and no.

I’m not 100% better and still have my bad dark days, but you have to help your self to get better. Things will get worse before they get better and that is something you must remember. There is always a light at the end of every tunnel.. It may not seem like that now, but you have to just believe. Things take time, and every part of your depression/anxiety is just another journey of your life. If you feel any of these symptoms don’t be scared to speak. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. You wouldn’t laugh at a person with cancer, would you? Just because you can’t see it does not mean it isn’t there.


Sarah Mental Health sufferer.



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