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Stepping back in time.

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So, friends, it has finally happened, here in the UK you have to wear a mask when going into a shop and that includes staff as well, The Government in their wisdom decided this was the safest thing to do, and whilst I agree wholeheartedly I can’t help thinking if we had followed the rules in the beginning we may have been over this by now, but it seems we are going backwards instead of forwards. Spain has lockdown again, after many months of the inability to go on holiday it has now shut down again so no one can travel there, seems a shame because many people have looked forward to a break away from this nightmare.

Although the Government have said we must wear masks it is not mandatory, we cannot force the customers to wear a mask as our employers cannot force us to wear them, so what is the point of this exercise, some wear them, some don’t, its beginning to be so confusing.

Currently, people are popping their heads in the shop door asking if they can enter without a mask, while other customers are looking at them in utter contempt because they are wearing them lol it is enough to make you laugh, it’s comedic. some people are even asking the staff why customers are not wearing masks lol it just never ends, can anyone see an end to this farce or will this go on forever?

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