Stolen Pets UK.

Every time you turn on Facebook, every article you read, is about another poor animal being stolen from the clutches of its proper owner? So why are people stealing dogs all of a sudden?

Some say it’s to breed them especially if they are pedigree dogs, that is dogs who are different breeds, ie, staffy Alsatian etc,  and horrifically some say they are stolen to be used as bait for fighting dogs? How disgusting and inhumane is that?

When you take a pet into your home, you give them assurances that they will be safe in your care, after all in the case of a dog, they look after you, they protect you, they love and cherish you.

The whole family loves your pet, so imagine the trauma it causes to everyone when your loved one goes missing or worse is stolen.

I do not know the statistics but I feel it is getting worse in the UK  especially in England, where ad after ad is on reporting an animal being stolen and it is worrying.

I am pleading with you to be extra vigilant when you take your dog out, make sure he \she is tied up outside properly when you have to leave them, alert a staff member in a shop especially if it has a window, and they will keep an eye on your little boy or girl.

Let’s stamp out this stolen pet scenario and be extra vigilant at all times.

This Organization can and will help.



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