Country Life.

Bright coloured wildflowers in open Golden fields watching the Farmer gathering his yields. Butterflies flying circling around no sign of pollution not even a sound. Birds busy twitteringin huge branched treesCollecting for its nestthat no one sees.Grass very highstretches for milesconsumed in glorysunshine and smiles.forget about the hustleand bustle of Townignore the tediumexpressions and frownThe […]

Kings-Queens of Scotland writings

Scotlands Crown Jewels.

Scotlands Crown Jewels. The Honours of Scotland and the Stone of Destiny were both used throughout history in the crowning of Scottish, English and British monarchs. They might date back hundreds of years, but they’ve been well looked after and you can still see them on display today at Edinburgh Castle (pictured). Becoming a king […]

public-poetry writings


What treasures rest within the lofty room above my bed? Vintage clothing? Grandpa’s steamer trunk? An old-fashioned baby crib? I wonder… I slip the bolt to peek inside… dust motes mingle with red gold sunlight casting bronze patina on a cache of memories, footprints of passage. A tri-mirror vanity dominates the room reflecting sepia images […]

Famous Scots.

Famous Scots and Inventors, Sir Robert Watson Watt.

Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt, KCB, FRs FRAeS (13 April 1892 – 5 December 1973) was a British pioneer of radio direction finding and radar technology. Watt began his career in radio physics with a job at the Met Office, where he began looking for accurate ways to track thunderstorms using the radio signals given off by lightning. This led to the 1920s development of a system […]

Famous Scots.

Famous Scots and Inventors. James Watt.

James Watt (1736–1819) was a Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer and chemist. He is famous for developing a separate condensing chamber for the steam engine. This invention greatly improved the efficiency of the steam engine and played a considerable role in advancing the role of steam engines in the Industrial Revolution. He was born in Greenock, […]

Infamous Scots.

Infamous Scots. Patrick Sellar.

Patrick Sellar (1780–1851) was a Scottish lawyer, factor and sheep farmer. In 1811, he was employed as a factor by the Sutherland Estate in a joint (but subordinate) position with William Young. The estate had started some clearances, integral to their program of agricultural improvements. Whilst clearances in 1812 went reasonably smoothly, in 1813 Sellar failed to successfully negotiate […]

Infamous Scots.

Infamous Scots. Deacon Brodie.

William Brodie (28 September 1741 – 1 October 1788), often known by his title of Deacon Brodie, was a Scottish cabinet-maker, deacon of a trades guild, and Edinburgh city councillor, who maintained a secret life as a housebreaker, partly for the thrill, and partly to fund his gambling. Career In 1774, Brodie’s mother is listed as the head of household in their home on […]

Scottish Battles

The Battle of Solway Moss (1542)

Hey folks, Welcome to another Battle in Scotland, we had a lot lol, enjoy. The battle of Solway Moss (1542) Following the death of James IV at the Battle of Flodden (1513), Scotland had been under the control of a Regency government. Initially headed by the dowager Queen Margaret, sister to Henry VIII of England, she […]


The busy Garden.

What grows in this garden “O” mine? Tulips, Daffodils, sprigs of thyme, Hollyhocks, scented stock, colours of green, Plants and flowers rarely seen, Bee’s and butterflies hovering around, Oblivious to humanity and every sound, What beasts do pray in this forest of fun? When the light goes out and the sun goes down? Badgers, foxes, […]

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