public-poetry writings

A Jellyfish.By Marianne Moore.

Visible, invisible, A fluctuating charm, An amber-colored amethyst Inhabits it; your arm Approaches, and It opens and It closes; You have meant To catch it, And it shrivels; You abandon Your intent— It opens, and it Closes and you Reach for it— The blue Surrounding it Grows cloudy, and It floats away From you. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2020 william Sinclair MansonAll […]

public-poetry writings


What treasures rest within the lofty room above my bed? Vintage clothing? Grandpa’s steamer trunk? An old-fashioned baby crib? I wonder… I slip the bolt to peek inside… dust motes mingle with red gold sunlight casting bronze patina on a cache of memories, footprints of passage. A tri-mirror vanity dominates the room reflecting sepia images […]

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