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Terror strikes the UK.

Imagine, you’re out and about, minding your own business and all hell breaks loose? You are suddenly in the middle of a war, that is how it must have felt in London today, wow, will this ever end?  It is tragic and why is it always the innocent who suffer? It must have been horrendous being caught up in the middle of a Terrorist strike, people have actually been killed, and for what? For being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I take my hat off to the Emergency Services who handled the situation Professionally and quick.

I also feel so sad for the poor people who were killed today, just for being in the vicinity of this crackpot, who was already on release for similar crimes, when are we going to learn that this gruesome tragedy will continue, when are we going to realise that our Police need to carry weapons at all times to tackle this brutality immediately and not when the special Police are called in, by that time the perpetrator can do a lot of damage to the citizens of the UK.

As always we will be strong, and send out a very clear message that, we will not be beaten, we will not succumb to violence, you will never get the better of us, so do not even try.

This is a very sad day for the families whose loved ones were cut down by this maniac, my heart goes out to them all.

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