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The act of the Judges, Boris Overruled


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Well, what do you think about the decision of the Supreme Judges today? I am totally bewildered just how this decision could have been made?

The Prime Minister has been made to look a fool, and now I wonder where this is going.

The cutthroat Politicians who have stabbed their Colleagues even from the same Party is absolutely disgusting, how could you turn your back on your own party? The decisions when the referendum was announced indicated that most of the Tories voted for Brexit, only now are they showing their true colours.

Do some people want another Public vote? saying they did not have the full facts when we voted on the referendum in 2016, I can understand that, however on the ballot paper the 2 questions were, either stay in Europe or leave, that’s it, the paper did not have any other choices.

Personally I will NOT be voting again, I placed my vote and along with 17.5 million Brits decided what I wanted to do, and in no circumstances will I vote again, nor will I vote in any elections, I do hope other people will feel the same.

I certainly do not want the Liberal Democrats or Labour running our Country as bad as it is, it would be a million times worse.

I would rather vote for the Brexit Party.

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