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The answer is blowing in the wind!

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As I watch the face masks blowing
In already littered streets
In an uncertain, mad world
Were weirdness and unreality meets.
Watching the streets so silent
Partners walking meters in length
The only humans oblivious
Are those who have the strength.
Children not having a clue
Just what this madness is about
Being told to get a mask on
Before they venture out.
Doctors surgeries quiet
No patients queueing up
Pubs all empty and silent
No one there to sup.
Life as we know it crumbling
To this new uncertain age
people wearing face masks
And some still full of rage.
Will it ever be the same?
Will we ever feel normal?
Instead of this age of responsibility
Where everything is formal.
Until then we need to keep safe
And think of brighter times
Were people won’t be losing jobs
And we can venture to sunnier climes.
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2 thoughts on “The answer is blowing in the wind!

  1. Too true William. Good post. The lack of normal no better exemplified by people’s PSD simply discarded, like they have given up on anything but surviving. Stay well. Allan

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