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The art of buying Tropical fish.

fish tank

Hi friends, long time since I have had a rant but here we go, I have been an avid keeper of tropical fish over the Years and have always enjoyed keeping them, yes it is hard work, but the rewards are limitless, just sitting there looking into a rectangular glass aquarium watching the various species of Tropical fish swim away, do the many odd things they do in a captured environment its a real pleasure to the eye.

my fish tank.

It is when you go to buy more stock thats when the issues arise. I am 60 years old, not a child I think lol, but sometimes when you visit your local Pet store you are under what seems a microscope when it comes to buying more friends for your tank, yes I know the rules and regulations, yes I know the size of the tank dictates the amount of fish you can have, yes I know the dos and donts, yes I know what to do when introducing the new stock to my tank, and yes I know they are not guaranteed unless I bring in a sample of my aquarium water to make sure it is suitable for my new friends, so what is the problem?

When I went to my local pet store a few days ago, a young girl probably old enough to be my grandchild quizzed me within an inch of my life before I was able to buy what I wanted, my visit lasted half an hour by the time I got all the questions answered, some of the time I thought I was on Mastermind, with my specialist subject being the care of aquatic animals lol.

Eventually and with he help of another shop assistant I was able to buy my new set of tropical fish, and I truly understand the interrogation purpose but for Gods sake I felt like I was put through a third degree.

My fish are all settled in their new home and as of today are thriving in their environment, just dreading going back for my reaming 4 fish to have a complete stocked tank lol, wish me luck.

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5 thoughts on “The art of buying Tropical fish.”

  1. There’s something extremely soothing about watching fish. I doubt they feel the same way about our giant faces pressed up against their tank… but like life, it’s all about perspective.

  2. Yup. Terrible when we get old, everyone seems younger than us and children treat us like we are the children. Strange that any business would make sales difficult under the current world circumstances. Maybe, you need an approval rating form signed by all your happy fish tenants, next time. Tee Hee. Happy aquarium watching William Allan

    PS: There are often large white gaps between text blocks in your posts and I wonder if these are from a missing photos. Could be some sort of glitch. WordPress appears to have a few. Cheers

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