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The art of Staying cool. Covid19

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I went into my local Supermarket today and it was like a scene out of the “walking dead” staff clambering over empty shelves, Managers with their sleeves rolled up and getting stuck in.

Some customers fuming not being able to buy their usual groceries, every aisle with a raged shopper ready to jump on anyone who is in the line of fire.

One customer was actually swearing at the staff because they had no bread? I needed bread but had to accept there was none there and try somewhere else? What is the point of making the staffs lives a misery when it is clearly not their fault there is no stock, they did not cause the virus so we need to be cool, keep calm and try to survive this awful virus?

I blame all the people who panic bought and were selfish, in their own little world to make sure they were ok, but to hell, with everyone else, I am alright f€#¢ you.

They still have the audacity to continue bulk buying even though nothing is there? We are assured that the food is there it just needs to be put on the shelves, some people are still going into the stores and buying everything up, leaving nothing for the elderly or infirm?

Places are setting up volunteer programs to ensure that the isolated are looked after this is an unselfish act and should be commended.

I think the retail companies should make sure items are limited to 2 items per customer so that everyone will get a fair crack and do not have to camp outside the stores waiting on a loaf of bread?

We all know this will get worse before it gets better, so we need to keep cool and treat people still working to give us food some respect.

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4 thoughts on “The art of Staying cool. Covid19”

  1. The question is, will people learn the required lessons from this wakeup call, before a more serious pandemic comes along. There is a lot of selfishness out there. Stay well. Allan

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