The Beginning Part 1.

Don’t suffer alone.

I was born in the 60,s it wasn’t all flower power, colours, and happy times or even gay times which meant a totally different phrase from today, to be gay was to be happy, its amazing how definitions change throughout the years.

I was born in a council house, my folks never had any money to buy a home, so we lived in rented accommodation.

My father worked here and there, but the true bread winner in my family was my mum, she worked like a Trojan to give us things which at the time was pretty remarkable, in my time I never knew going without, and although the finances were stretched, we still had food in our mouths and a roof over our head. We always attended school smartly dressed and clean.

School wasn’t great in the late 60’s and 70’s , there was an element of bullying everyone who had a little intelligence got nowhere because it was either beaten out of them or there was too much chaos in class for the teacher to be able to manage.

I have two brothers and three sisters, at the time I was born, I think all of them were still at home, my sisters all worked, and so did my big brother, naturally my little brother wasn’t born yet.

I cant remember the early years but I remember going to primary school, which was situated at the back of our council tenement.

We had to scream at the top of our voices over several hundred pupils to get our ‘play piece’ usually a piece of bread with jam on. We were also fortunate to have free school milk and meals as our parents were on social.

Growing up and remembering the times we walked the streets at all hours with my mum as dad went off on one was fairly regular, often they would fight it terrified my little sister and brother and me too.

I remember most of the times to be traumatic, lots of fights, arguing, mainly with mum and dad, it was usually after my dad had a drink, or worse still when both of them had a drink, alcohol off course.

To be continued.

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