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The Bombing of Auschwitz.

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Hey folks, I was watching a documentary on TV. UK, on the BBC, regarding the fact that a few people knew what was going on at the death camp in Auschwitz and yet found (according to this documentary) that it wasn’t feasible to bomb the death camp?

I was quite horrified to say the least, the first time I heard that there were 2 men who escaped Auschwitz and came back to Britain to tell people what was going on in the war.

I have always been fascinated with WW2 and this has kind of shaken me because I now wonder if people could have been saved, instead, the Powers to be been more interested in the Rubber factory a few miles away, that was their priority and it seems not human life? I would think in a War , people were a top priority?

I still cannot believe how people can be taken in by a would-be dictator and turn into inhuman murderers all for the sake of one man and his hatred.

The sad thing is they enjoyed it, got some kind of kick murdering women and children in their millions, some as soon as they arrived at the camp, others worked to death, great choice?


Why didn’t the Superpowers think human life was more important than a factory? Why would any human being allow the massacre of innocents goes ahead, even knowing through eyewitnesses what’s happening there, it’s beyond me. What makes it even more bizarre is they had planned from areal photos?


Britain handed the info to America, they, in turn, decided it was not important enough and would take them away from their goal? Yes that is all very well, but they were going in that direction, why could they not have dropped a few bombs on the gas chambers at least? I wonder if we will ever get the answers? It is astonishing how the facts are just coming in now?

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