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The cost of a roof over your head.


Wow, hey folks, hope you are well, me again, mumping my gums lol, this time it is about Property prices and rental prices in England, especially where I live.

In the old days not many people owned their homes, well most of the working class anyway, they had to rely on renting from the Council and it is practically the same these days.

The well off were able to buy their home at a ridiculous price, some stayed in them, whilst others bought somewhere else and rented out the old property they purchased for next to nothing.

These days unless you are earning over 100 grand a year you have no chance of buying a home, well you could probably buy a shed for that these days but not a home.

The Government in their wisdom introduced affordable Housing or shared ownership, this means you own part of your home and so does the Government so it really is not your home until it is paid for.

I would still like to know how Young folks can afford even that, I believe prices in London are through the roof and many Professionals can’t even afford to rent there, let alone buy.

Then you come further down until you reach this neck of the woods, West Sussex and where I live Horsham.

This Town is meant to be for people who are retired, to live out the rest of their time in peace and tranquillity, nice, especially when they are renting out their property to people for over a grand a month, nice earnings if you can get it?

The average price of a House down here is around 500,000 that’s half a million pounds, please tell me who can afford that?

It is about time something was done, these houses that were bought for a song are now producing rentals of over a thousand pounds a month for 2 bedrooms when back in the day you could have bought a mansion for that.

I really feel sorry for the kids who are growing up, working their butts off at Uni to get a good career and then end up in a bedsit or worse still staying with mum and dad because they cannot afford their own place..

Sad times eh?

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