The Covid Jab.

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Hello friends, I was lucky enough to get my Covid jab yesterday morning, the total experience was positive, as you arrived at the centre the Organisation was second to none, lots of Volunteers all doing their part from the guys directing the traffic to the medical staff processing and giving you the injection.


When you arrive you are seated 2 metres apart, there is a very short instructional speech by the doctor and then as if by magic you have had your jab and are off.


Last night I did feel flu-ish and had a headache that carried on till the following morning, but a couple of paracetamols or pain killers put that at bay, still feeling a bit rough but that is round one over, next follow up injection in April. Good luck to those still to get the jab and be assured all is good.

All in all its all over that quick its unbelievable how the professionals get through so many people.

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  1. Congrats my friend. We are likely about 2 months away here, before they start vaccinating the 65-75 age group. With luck, my son who works with Covid patients will get his 2nd jab tomorrow. Cheers and enjoy your weekend. Allan

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