Hello friends.

Hope you are well. So finally its all over, finally we have a clear winner of the 2019 General Election, Finally, we can move on and get Brexit done, then finally we can Move on to the more pressing issues in our Country, we have sadly neglected for nearly 3 whole Years.

It has come as no surprise that the Conservatives won by a majority of seats, and even taken so many safe Labour seats, it was astounding, however, the people who lost cannot let it go, and continue to blast either their own Leaders or the New Prime Minister, I suppose you need an outlet in life and this seems to be their full-time job?

I think maybe the arguments will go on forever, we shall just have to wait and see how the New Government perform and hope they keep to their Election Promises.

If they don’t, well we can get rid of them in Five Years time, but for now, let’s just give them a chance.


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William Sinclair Manson
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