Just because I am isolating
doesnt mean I have the plague
even though the circumstances
are dull and sometimes vague.
The thought of having no one
must be really sad
particularly when your innocent
and aint done nothing bad.
Family you are missing
mates you have not seen
cannot remember the last time
anyone has been.
Blowing kisses from the window
giving a virtual hug
all done at a distance
shoulders ready to shrug.
Eating meals on your own
watching the rubbish on the box
like celebrities going around the world
or the habitat of the Fox.
Some of us are lucky
we have our best friend close at hand
taking away the monotony
helping you take a stand.
The furry creatures of Nature
keep our tempers low
playing with them daily
help your stamina to grow.
As the house looks like a new pin
decorators doing their stuff
the chores you have been putting off
are now done "fair enough"
So when this is all over
When humanity wins the fight
just remember who cared for you
in this pandemic plight.

Stay Safe, Stay Home.
Epitaph. By Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
A song of Despair. Pablo Neruda.
Nights in Flight.
Blue Moon.
Self Pity. DH Lawrence.
Worldly Place.
A red red rose. Robert Burns.
A poem by Mary Naylor.
Grandmas lookin.
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A voice from the past.
Me Myself and ideals.
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The Strength of a Man.
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What is the point?
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