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The Debate gets underway.


Well folks it has started, the party leaders are now set to put themselves out there, give us a lot of sweeteners, (for political reasons) and we will probably fall for it as we normally do?

I watched the first debate between Johnston and Corbyn tonight on TV, and I must say it was pretty mild, yes the usual, slagging off each other, one saying how better the Country would be if their respective Parties were in power.

I would just like to know where all this money is coming from, especially when we just had 10 Years of austerity.

Labour said they were going to spend Billions, The Tories said they are going to put more Police in our Streets, build more Hospitals, and pump billions into the NHS.

I am curious as to see what is going to be promised in the next few weeks and look forward to my free broadband by the Labour Party if they are successful, wonder what the greedy phone companies will make of that?


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