The early Seventies. part 4


At that time in the early 70s there were lots of exciting things going on, you didn’t need money to do things like nowadays you made your own entertainment.

Games like “kick the can” where everyone hid, you looked for them and someone always tried to kick the can and be the winner, other games were rounders and my most favourite, football, we had our own team consisting of guys who lived in our street, we played against other groups living near or outside the area, where we lived was a gigantic park, the houses circled the park, in the early years there was a putting green, bowling green, tennis court etc, it was well-equipped in the early days. When we were playing the games I mentioned everyone had a sense of purpose, you really tried to make sure everyone was involved, the rivalry was fairly tense, and we wanted to win badly each time we played the other teams, back then I was ruthless anyone who didn’t comply was “bawled” out or even banned from the game, I don’t know to this day when I found the mental strength but it was there, in abundance.

I guess you could say back then I was feared, as fighting was a regular thing in the 70,s mainly between friends, or outsiders, I had no fear back then and consider myself very lucky someone never seriously hurt me.

70’S LIFE.

So by now, you have a little insight in how my early life panned out, but what I hear you say has this got to do with Mental Health Issues, well if you bear with me eventually I will get around to that, but you have to lay the groundwork first before you build the house.

As I said before numerous times, life was a bit up and down, not having the greatest of upbringings, but like millions all over the World, who did? I often imagined being born into another era, an era, that was pure different from the era I grew up in, probably like everyone I wanted harmony, and to have been born into a happy home, which might have impacted better on my, life.
Anyway, your dealt with the cards and you have to play them.
Well, I wasn’t the nicest of people back then, in fact, I had a nasty streak and maybe dare I say at times evil.

As I said earlier our friends mostly lived in the same building as us, it was rare to have friendships in other streets, in fact just around the corner, lived a few boys we did not get along with, we fought all the time, we had a huge back area, in its day it was laid out nice, people took pride in the back green as we called it, people had their own patch and grew veg or had flowers in it, next to a wooden hut where they housed their tools and stuff.

I cannot remember when or why it deteriorated but like everything else in life it did, maybe the people themselves lost interest, who knows.
Anyway, the fights in the back green progressed daily, we had remained at each other’s area, but we threw stones at each other all the time, I don’t think anyone was ever hurt, but when I think back it could have ended nastily, I remember some guys in the street were coloured, back then no one seemed to care about racism but it was pretty rife in the 60s and 70s, all you need to do to see for yourself, is look up a program which was on TV in those days called “love thy neighbour” look it up on u tube and you will see what I mean, naturally, nowadays you could be banged up for racism, but back then it was the norm.
For a few years we fought, but it fizzled out thank the Lord when we left primary school at 11 or 12 years old.

to be continued.

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