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The end of a free ride.


Hi folks, hope you are well. This morning the Government of the UK announced its new Immigration Policy and the actions they will be taking to tackle it.

Like many unpopular Policies especially for immigration, some are for it and some are against, some people just jump on the bandwagon to stir the pot, whilst others say “about time” The Government have promised to look at this for Years and never ever followed through.

Immigration is NOT a bad thing, we welcome anyone to this Country we are a multicultural society and are proud of it, we need people with skills in this country and we need them badly so the new plans are pretty good.

The problem is immigrants will be placed on a “point system” adopted by many other countries in the World, it seems to work, no one seems to complain, its the law and that’s that, so why does it cause such anguish when this Country wants to have the system?

We will be welcoming people Worldwide as skilled people not just in the EU, so this opens it up to get qualified people, and this is how it should be.

The NHS and other Organisations rely on low skilled workers from the EU and while this is terrific and right, the British people should have the same opportunities for the work too, so the British businesses will have to up their game and make the job more attractive to British workers.

It seems that Businesses are scared because they will have to pay decent wages? They rely on the EU workforce so they can pay low wages even below the minimum wage, while several million people in this Country dwindle away on the dole.

Will this work? who knows, it may turn out to be as controversial as Universal Credit which has turned poor people even poorer with its inept and poorly run structure, but if it does work then, we will have seen the government tackling one of the many issues we had whilst under the EU.

As for having to speak English? weary of that one but when you think about it, why not, they are coming to an English speaking country so they should be able to speak our language? what is wrong in that?

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