The end of High School. part 8.


Well needless to say high school came and went, but it wasn’t plain sailing. I would have loved to have learned something and got some academic
Qualifications but alas it was not to be, like so many Council schools you either had it or you didn’t and I sadly didn’t, now I look back in anger, angry with the Officials who should have made sure the class dummies were segregated, should have made sure if you had potential to nurture it, but alas they only wanted to rid, and it was up to you were you went from there.

I cannot remember if any of the people I went to school with came out with any qualifications, well maybe except one guy, who evidently was brainy and probably went on to be a scientist or something.
Like most people I did not keep in touch with any of the guys I went to school with, some probably emigrated, some probably went on to have a good life with a trade, which back then Apprenticeships could be had, but you needed at least 2 “O level grades to join, needless to say I had nought lol, but this did not stop me working,
I cannot remember exactly when but my mum dies when she was 49, yes it’s a very young age, she was a fighter, a worker and an all round good person, she would strive to keep us afloat, working two or three jobs to make ends meet, she was good with money, she was a great cook, although back then I was not a nice person to her, in fact I was horrible to her, to the point now, it makes me feel sick, she didn’t deserve her horrible life, it was tragic to see this once proud woman fall prey to cancer, the sad thing was she had it for 2 years without anyone even knowing, yes the Doctors knew, but they did not say anything, I suppose in a way it was a blessing, as this would have upset us all.

I remember vividly, the amount of times she was hospitalized, we used to go visit her at the early stages, she was grey, undernourished, lost many pounds, looked frail and vulnerable.

to be continued.


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