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The Fiasco unfolds.


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What do you think of all this debacle in the UK at the moment, isn’t it soul-destroying, courts getting involved in Politics, its never a good idea, Democracy states that the two are totally different, so why are we spending millions of pounds just to make Boris Johnston out to be a liar? Which is basically what they are saying.
The resources being spent on this time-wasting farce is out of hand, imagine how many houses could have been built, how much money Hospitals could have had, how much more we could be spending on the things that matter to us in this messed-up Country.

On the other hand, we have Political parties fighting over who will run the Country and what decisions will be made, and one is another vote or completely stopping Brexit.

I am no expert, but I can see that this move, would impact on the people who voted to leave the EU, and would probably incite some kind of Public disorder to boot.
Personally I voted back in 2016 to leave the EU and firmly stand behind that decision, but I certainly will NOT, be voting again with another referendum, and more importantly, will probably never vote again, as a democratic decision was already taken but could be overturned.

The disorganisation in the UK Government is pitiful and the whole world is laughing.

I personally feel that the Tory Government has failed us, and for all the party members who have stuck a knife in Boris Johnstons back, should be ashamed to call themselves ministers and pms, all because he promised the voters we would be leaving the EU.

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