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The German People.

The Holocaust brings more sad memories for the German People today as they sit back and watch among millions of others the tragedy of this sad day, a day that will never be forgotten in anyone’s lifetime.

The people of Germany back then were transfixed on one man, a man who they thought would make Germany great again, a man who pushed all the right buttons they listened and believed him without any questions. The ones who did oppose him were either sent to a camp or Murdered.

We have all been brainwashed at one point or another in our lives and probably fell for the charms of an individual who promised us the Earth Promised us prosperity and tried to give us it but at what cost?

I really feel sorry for the German people, even this Generation is looked at as being a part of something they were not even born into, a tragedy that happened way before their lives began but still, they are viewed as Germans and when you say the word German it immediately puts a sad vision in your head about the Holocaust and the murder of millions of innocent men, women and children.

When the war had ended and you saw the documentaries of the German public visiting the camps they were disgusted as any Human would be, but you can’t help wonder if they knew about these camps and just kept silent as they knew the price would be death.

I do not personally hold any grievance against any German of today, because they are very nice people and you would never think that they would harm anyone the World a peaceful Nation that prospers daily.

It must be cringeworthy to have to face this sadness every Year though.

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