The Hospital Porter, Cont. Part 20.

As time went on, and Service was being added, I came to enjoy the job in the hospital, the other staff and patients were always nice, the job seemed worthwhile as indirectly you were helping the sick as well.
I was still working under duress, the guys in the Dept were all backbiting, as soon as one person left the room they were the target of old men and boys talking about them so you knew when you went out of the room the same would happen, you just got used to it, but it did play on your nerves.

At that time back then, the Porters drank a lot of tea, almost cup after cup, all that caffeine must have had an effect on us, but we still did it, the large teapot was filled with boiling water in the staff canteen, usually, the older members would get us to go make it, as they felt they were in a position to do so, as we were younger lol.
The head porter was given tea every time it was made and the assistant head drank as much as we did, no wonder I have a fetish for tea even today lol, it was a constant thing back then.

I was starting to feel my mental health issues coming to the front especially with my mood swings, it impacted even in my job.
One night we were having our evening meal and the banter was flying, a guy who was pretty dominant on the team took a dislike to me and started to bully me in the workplace, even adults were bullied and sadly even today some poor person is being bullied.

We had words that night and obviously I was getting the better of him verbally by answering him back, he resorted to pouring scrambled egg all over me, luckily it wasn’t hot, but it was still messy, I leapt up left the room and headed for the showers to get cleaned up, I couldn’t care about the fact work had to be done, he did get slammed from the Supervisor of the shift, but after that incident, we became the best of friends and always had a laugh about that night for many years to come.

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