The Hospital Porter Part 1. Part 17


When I started in my new job there were a number of characters already working there, they seemed nice, but with such a large group of men came a lot of bickering and in my view childish ranting, more so when you turned your back, I never ever let it get to me, but I did fall into the trap of being “like them” and I did not like that.
As with every job in the World, there were favourites, the bosses had many of them, you were entangled into a web of deceit and lies for a very long period.
The team I was put into was a very lively lot, there were characters who made themselves known and who couldn’t care what people thought of them, these people were never liked and although the boss was scared of them, they frankly got away with “murder” in a sense lol.

The shifts were rather brutal, you worked day shift late shift and night shift in the same week, rotating with other shift teams, so there was 24-hour coverage all the time.
I was young and didn’t care about the shifts although nowadays young people wouldn’t be happy working a Saturday late or night shift lol.
I had good days and bad days in this job, the rewards were numerous, the patients were generally lovely and some staff members were nice as well, yes you did have the snooty ones but overall they were respectful.
The job was not like Holby City or Casualty on TV LOL, no glamour, in fact, at times it was traumatic especially when you had to take deceased folks to the mortuary, that was our job and it had to be done.
The scariest times were during the night as the Mortuary was outside the hospital, a building on its own and quite eerie when you’re young and going there in the middle of the night, of course, you were always with someone.

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